Thursday, October 2, 2008

Barack Obama - presidential debate #1

Combined all of Obama's responses and ran them through the autosummarizer. See John McCain's here. I used the transcript at CNN.

autosummarized to 10%
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if the market -- and when the market returns.

place all
across the country.

It hasn't worked. taking place at the time.

we've got to solve this problem short term. to deal with these problems.
Well, I think Senator McCain's absolutely right that we need more economy are
sound. our tax policies, it's a classic example.

Well, Senator McCain is
absolutely right that the earmarks process has budget. Senator McCain is
proposing -- and this is a fundamental
I've called for is a tax cut for 95
percent of working families, 95 percent.

growth than the -- the
policies of President Bush that John McCain wants breaks to companies that are
investing here in the United States. John, nobody is denying that $18 spending
money unwisely.

of you will get a tax cut. of tax increase.

John mentioned the fact that business taxes on paper are high in this country,
and he's absolutely right. support of Senator McCain, that we actually see our
businesses pay effectively one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

additional tax cut over the loopholes. Just one last point I want to
make, since Senator McCain talked about
Here's the only problem:
profits, under your tax plan, John -- this is undeniable -- oil companies
We've got an emergency bill on the consequence of health care. We've got to
invest in science and technology.
We've got to make sure that
We've got
to eliminate programs that don't
foreign oil. need a scalpel. If we're lucky
and do it right, that
less tax revenue so there's no doubt that as president
I'm go doing have
John, it's been your president who
increase in
spending. Afghanistan.

Now Senator
McCain and President Bush had a
very different judgment.

We've spent over $600 billion so far,

American people safe. Which point? explains, and as John
well knows, the issues of Afghanistan, the issues
Senator McCain is
absolutely right that the violence has been our military families.

2007. You talk about the surge. The war started in 2003, and at the time all,
let's talk about this troop funding issue because John always brings
McCain cut -- Senator McCain opposed funding for troops timetable.

funding troops.

We need more troops there. Senator McCain, in the rush
to go into Iraq, said, you know what? We've bin Laden and crush al Qaeda.

any time since 2002. have said is we don't have the troops right now to
deal with Afghanistan.

in Afghanistan and in Pakistan.


actually working for their people. And I've said this to President
No. 3, we've got to deal with Pakistan, because al Qaeda and the Taliban
McCain, we've been giving them $10 billion over the last seven years,
Nobody talked about attacking Pakistan. United States has al Qaeda, bin
Laden, top-level lieutenants in our
Now, I think that's the right strategy;
I think that's the right policy.

Now, Senator McCain is also right that
it's difficult. We spent $10

That's going to change
when I'm president of the United States.

still sending out videotapes
and Senator McCain, nobody is talking about
Afghanistan because of that

happened in Afghanistan. At one point, while you were focused
on Iraq,
president, I will.

To deal with Iran.

Iraq was
Iran's mortal enemy. Senator McCain is absolutely right, we cannot tolerate a
nuclear Iran. It has not worked in Iran, it has not worked in North Korea. So
let's talk about this. There's a difference between preconditions and
preparation. President Bush recently sent a senior ambassador, Bill Burns, to
participate in talks with the Europeans around the issue of nuclear weapons.

Again, it may not work, but if it doesn't work, then we have
strengthened our ability to form alliances to impose the tough sanctions that
Senator McCain just mentioned.

Nobody's been talking about that, and
Senator McCain knows it. Nobody's talking about that.

One is nuclear

No, actually, I think Senator McCain and I agree for the
most part on these issues. Russia is in part resurgent and Putin is feeling
powerful because of petro-dollars, as Senator McCain mentioned.

means that we, as one of the biggest consumers of oil -- 25 percent of the
world's oil -- have to have an energy strategy not just to deal with Russia, but
to deal with many of the rogue states we've talked about, Iran, Venezuela.

Over 26 years, Senator McCain voted 23 times against alternative energy,
like solar, and wind, and biodiesel.


I've got to make this
point, Jim.

All right, fair enough. Obviously, we've poured billions of
dollars into airport security. Al Qaeda is resurgent.

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