Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Althouse town hall debate comments

See Althouse: Live-blogging the big "town hall" debate. I have not watched the debate nor have I read the Althouse post nor the comments attached. I'll get around later to reading the transcript.

I did copy the first 600 comments and autosummarize the. First, I pasted them into Notepad and then into MS Word. At this point it was 106 pages (Times New Roman, 12 pt). The MS Word stats had it at 17, 185 words in 2, 913 sentences. My first attempt to autosummarize -- at 1% -- only picked up the time stamps, so I deleted it. Went back, deleted all the blogger time stamps, deleted all "said..." text, and deleted all paragraph marks. This left a nice block of text only 14 pages in length.

New stats:
  • Autosummarized to 10%
  • Summary: 1, 587 words in 167 sentences
  • Original document: 15, 880 words in 1,136 sentences.

Thought it's doubtful because McCain/Obama are a lot more boring than Palin/Biden. Thought it's doubtful because McCain/Obama are a lot more boring than Palin/Biden.Maybe her kids will be sitting around the base of McCain's podium. what about Obama saying "oh, Ayers is just a neighbor." Lem I think McCain is going to do very well tonight. Lem Let's get Ann her 2000 hits. Thought it's doubtful because McCain/Obama are a lot more boring than Palin/Biden.No way. what about Obama saying "oh, Ayers is just a neighbor." Lem I much rather see Palin up there against Obama. Lem The key to 2000... More people tuned in to watch her than McCain/Messiah.People also stop to watch car accidents. Lem Would you rather Ann get 2000 and a McCain tie?Oooohhhh. Simon Lem "Would you rather Ann get 2000 and a McCain tie?"No McCain signs or bumperstickers at all. ElcubanitoKC Present! I am Tom Brokaw, your moderator for tonight's second Presidential debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. Senator John McCain, interrupting: You
know what is not fair, son? I will make your name known, I will make your name known!Senator Barack Obama: John, I think America is seeing the real John McCain tonight.Senator John McCain: You're damn right they are. Have freaking faith. Cheers,Victoria Lem Is that Obama explayning Ayers just now? Lem Mac hit's Obama! Lem Obama goes on the stump AJ Lynch I went to a Congressional debate Sunday. Lem More stumping Lem Looking back Obama Mark Obama leads with covering up for his democrat buddies in Congress who blocked regulation and oversight. AJ Lynch Obama is already kicking his first question down the road. Host with the Most First answer to Obama:Blah, blah, blah. vbspurs Obama making a stump speech. McCain approaching the question-poser. McCain needs to [blah blah blah]Still astroturfing for the Obama campaign, eh madawaskan? vbspurs McCain makes a bad joke. Lem Sombody people could Trust... good answer Host with the Most McCain first answer: actual concrete things. Good attack at the fucking NBC-in-the-tank-for-Obama Lem Obama - Mee too me too Dody Jane Who will Obama choosse? Host with the Most Obama - rich people are bad. Dody Jane Naughty boys - they went over Host with the Most Brokaw: Senator Obama - thank you very m much (implied "fuck you" to McCain) vbspurs Who will Obama choosse? Dody Jane YeS!!!!! Fannie ! FANNIE! FANNIE! Dody Jane Obama smirks. vbspurs Dody Jane
wrote:FANNIE! Obama is responsible for this country’s economic problems.Obam fucked this country. vbspurs LOL, Chip. vbspurs I WROTE! Mark Obama is avoiding the Freddie/Fannie problem re: Barney Frank. Host with the Most Obama is lying!!!!!Palladian "FANNIE! vbspurs Obama, please. Lem Obama just got hammered by Tomhis is off balance! vbspurs Wait, what, Tom Brokaw is asking questions? Dody Jane OOOO - He forgot to sign the letter vbspurs Obama doing his jutting jaw routine. Host with the Most Obama lied about the letters!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!VariableSpin
Obama just shovels it out. Obama feels her pain.Wow, is he ever understanding. Obama.. Patented answer from Obama "Look" little lady.Obama says "remember a bit of history just not Bill Ayers's history". Lem McCain want's to win on the merits. vbspurs OMG. AJ Lynch Obama will reduce the cost of college and health insurance. Lem McCain needs to get mad! :) vbspurs Simon, LOL. Host with the Most Obama: We have to fix health care. It's unclear if Obama really has any answers for these people either. Dan McCain's started out way too slow... what is it with Obama sending letters to people, warning them of problems... Let's get some questions answered! ElcubanitoKC nyet, 200! McCain told Brokaw he wouldn't pick him to save the world....McCain talking about Meg Whitman's E-Bay which just laid off 1,600 people...zzzzzzz ElcubanitoKC Oh, earmarks Host with the Most Obama - line by line - liar! Mark Did Obama just claim that gas is $3.80 nationally? ElcubanitoKC Palladian, I prefer Royal Tokaji. Michael Obama is winning. Lem Whenever Obama is talking I'm screaming no batter no batter! Michael The overhead projector Obama wanted???? Dody Jane No one is winning - people are going to bed or turning off - so that means Obama is winning. ElcubanitoKC 9-11?? vbspurs Obama brings up 9/11. Dody Jane Bush isn't running - someone tell Obama al Is Obama doing the Al Gore '*deep sigh*' thing? As if he will. Michael Dody Jane"Bush isn't running - someone tell Obama."McCain voted with Bush 90-95% of the time.If you don't think it's relevant, you're dreaming. vbspurs Tom Brokaw is drunk. Lem Obama has a bad haircut. vbspurs McCain is meandering away when Obama is talking. Michael Palladian - Blow me. Dody Jane GOD! ElcubanitoKC vbspursMcCain is meandering away when Obama is talking. GO
JOHN! Oh right Tom! Dody Jane TOM TAKES Over !!! Michael Obama is still winning.
Lem Entitlements are off the table with Obama! al Is Obama using the new question time to rebut the previous discussion? Lem What is Obama talking about? ElcubanitoKC He'll answer the question! Lem 300 vbspurs Can we vote for a Palin/Biden ticket?I'm serious. Lem Obama votes present! al "I'll answer the question Tom"McCain scores! vbspurs I miss Lehrer. Just part of the great new Obama health plan. JAL Do not forget Bridget McCain. Dody Jane I have been diverted by McCAin's little burst of energy!!! chickenlittle Obama's healthcare = rationing end of storyI hope there's an opt-outNuclear power: too cheap to meter Lem Obama annnnddd Host with the Most A black woman asks a question. Roll tape:0:00:00 Barack Obama lies with a straight face to the American people about the economy.0:02:00 John McCain changes the subject. Lem Obama's bunch of goverment scientist? vbspurs According to polls, at least 89% of that woman is already planning to vote for Obama.I've met two black guys who are voting for McCain/Palin. It's possible, if improbable. Lem Obama's talking points. vbspurs Obama needs to call Al Gore to explain the internet to him. ElcubanitoKC NO! The US govt if you asked Obama. vbspurs "Goodies""That one"OOOOOOOOOOOH. vbspurs Hey, is that Bewitched? VariableSpin Does Obama ever answer the question? Q: "Should health care be treated as a commodity?"Aww, John. vbspurs OMG, McCain just lost the election.Heart transplants. Michael Obama is still winning. Mofo dumbass question. ElcubanitoKC Trick question! muddimo Shorter debate:McCain: My friends, we need to work together.Obama: Senator McCain is right, but... Look at them... geez - Lem Is McCain offering Hillary care? Simon Michael "Obama is still winning."muddimo Obama is running out the clock and McCain is letting him get away with it. Lem Obama care sounds like Newt republican care. ElcubanitoKC elcubanitokcWhat?? al Did Obama just segway from health care to credit cards? knox I was just admiring Obama's elegant gestures with his long, thin handsI was just commenting that Barack has woman hands Lem Obama went to sleep! vbspurs Can't believe I am watching this debate. Lem Obama mentions 911 - that's OKBush and republicans mention 911 they get their nuts cut off a la Jessy Jackson. Jill And Obama lies about the Iraqi surplus...again. Simon Obama again reiterates the claim that McCain was wrong about Iraq and that Obama was right. Lem Obama Darfour Mcain darfive9:05 PM ElcubanitoKC A no-fly zone in Darfur?? vbspurs The McCain Doctrine is to followup the mess left behind by the Obama Doctrine. Simon Palladian - sorry, forgot. If it means he's cutting off Obama, fine by me. Dody Jane ..vbspurs Ruth Anne, hehe. Mark So Obama is calling for invading the Nuclear armed Pakistan? vbspurs AJ, good stuff. ElcubanitoKC Chaaaaarge!!! Lem Notice how Obama moved from Iraq to Pakistan!If things were not going well in Iraq - do you think Obama would be talking about making a move on Pakistan? ElcubanitoKC madawaskan, this is an Obama debate, nothing to do with reality. Palladian I would love it if Bill Ayers popped up to ask a question. Dody Jane They're ALIVE!!! Lem Obama kisses tom's -ss vbspurs Obama condenscending to Tom Brokaw, who is making with the yucks."AJ Lynch Paakistaan. Everytime he pronounces it that way Obama loses votes. vbspurs Pah-kees-stan. Now Ihhh-rawn.SPEAK AMERICAN OBAMA! vbspurs NICE! Lem McCain said his military
career! ElcubanitoKC Obama says McCain has called him "green behind the ears." knox Obama has such a weird smile when McCain's talking. I will be the only dictator!" vbspurs Petreaus will turn this around, Obama. I thought mold. Obama looks weird smiling strangely at McCain while he speaks. Dody Jane Obama is backing away from his "get out of Iraq now" policy. David Baker My friends, John McCain is brain dead. ElcubanitoKC vbspursFart Game! vbspurs LOL John.SHAKE! Lem Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, vbspurs Very true. Mark Obama just said we need to spend more money. vbspurs Is it too early to say that Republicans should kick John McCain's ass tomorrow? McCain just scored some points by answering the Putin / Russia question with savvy points. vbspurs LOOK AT THOSE PEOPLE. vbspurs Fuckstick.GASP! Obama's comment was extraordinary. AST Obama says McCain has called him "green behind the ears." Does Obama HAVE gills? AJ Lynch MCcain should answer he does not know Bill Ayers. McCain's only hope is to sneak up behind Obama when he's talking and give him a wedgie. al Did Obama ever say what he doesn't know? Ruth Anne Adams Shout out to Nana McCain! vbspurs McCain isbegging...

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